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A little four-year-old boy, Keanu turned up in my studio one morning from his father’s studio nearby. Immediately he spotted my pencils and sketchbook. He asked if he could use them to draw and promptly sat down, legs akimbo, chattering incessantly.  He wanted to draw his masterpiece! I asked him If I could sculpt him in return and he agreed.  So, I started sculpting him but  then after 20 minutes Keanu stood up and announced “I am finished now!” and scooted off. I never saw him again, but I was pleased with this delightful rough figure. Limited Edition Bronze Resin. 



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Young Boy - Keanu Drawing

  • Dimensions: Height 21 cm Width 25 cm Depth 22 cm

    Patination: Rich Bronze

    Object: Young Boy Drawing

    Material: Bronze Resin

    Artist: Robert Strickland

    Production: 2004

    Country of Origin: UK

    Condition: New


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